Exercises to Lose Arm Fat Faster

Nutrihealthline.com – Flabby and shapeless arms can ruin you in opting for sleeveless wear, besides making you look hefty than you actually are. Not just ladies, but even Men have such issues with their arms. Girls would love to have toned and slim arms, while guys want huge muscles. Well, it’s never too late to be physically active, and all you need is a bit of focus and determination.

Here are 6 exercises to lose the stubborn arm fat and get those toned and sculpted arms.

1. Skipping

Skipping makes you get the benefit of cardio workout, plus it’s inexpensive. As you lift your body’s weight and move your arms in circular motions, skipping help you sweat out the fat from body, and bless you with the sleek and toned arms. Include skipping into your daily routine and increase the time length gradually.

2. Chair Dips

Chair dips are effective fat-lowering exercises to tone your arms and back muscles. Go for a bed or a chair, which will be stable on the ground, and a little higher than the ground. Keep your arms on a chair with your face away from it, and your upper body straight. This is your starting position. Bend your knees and your elbows and move your whole body to the ground. Aim to touch the floor and Come back into your normal position. Go for 3 sets of 20 reps every day, and it’s undoubtedly the best exercises to lose arm fat.

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3. Counter Pushups

Another effective exercise to get rid of the arm fat is the Counter push ups, that can be done using a table or kitchen counter. The focus is on stability. Start off the exercise facing the counter with your arms on it to balance your hands, and your feet touching the base of the counter.  Follow what you usually do in push-ups by bending the elbows and come down till you touch the counter. Now straighten your elbows and come back to your starting position. The results of Counter pushups in losing your weight will show in three weeks.

4. Weight Lifting

This is no surprise, right? Since the entire focus is on arms and shoulders itself, Lifting weights gives support to reduce arm fat and tone down arms. Plus, it’s effective in removing belly fat which strengthens the core. Choose an item, say pair of dumbbells at home and it just works fine, provided you are focused. Aim to reach out for something which weighs around one kilo to begin off.

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5. Wrist Rotation

Wrist Rotating also works the best to reduce the plumpest areas. Hold a kilogram or 2 pounds dumbbells in both the hands, and stand up. The gap between your feet should be equal to your shoulder length. Now extend your hands forward by keeping them firm and rotate your wrist inward and upward clockwise and anticlockwise quickly as far as possible. The moves aid in toning the arm muscles, but don’t overdo it and hurt yourself.

6. Keep Stretching

You don’t have to wait for morning or evening to kick-start your fitness regime, but try stretching your arms regularly as and when you get time. This will help you in relieving your tension, besides keeping you active. Hold your hands behind your back, interlock your fingers and then stretch your arms away from your back. Keep arms stretched and straight, and it’s helpful to relieve the back stress.

Try all these exercises to lose arm fat faster and for developing toned arms.  Be careful and avoid injuries, when you workout.

*Results may vary from person to person and results are not guaranteed


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