The 5 Most Common Workout Mistakes—and How to Fix Them

The 5 Most Common Workout Mistakes—and How to Fix Them

There are chances that you may be making any of these 5 workout mistakes, although you’ve been in the gym awhile now. Avoid workout mistakes and achieve your goals by fixing them. Read on 5 very common workout mistakes and some tips to how to do them right.

1. Insufficient Warm-ups

Don’t think warm-ups are a small part of your workout sessions. Remember, they’re as vital as the main workout is. Warm-ups prepare your body for the main training, and prevents from the injuries. Doing the right warm-ups helps you to increase heart rate up, charge the nervous system for the workout and improves mobility.  So, start off with brisk walks and follow them with dynamic stretches for an extra ten minutes of your workout time.

2. Cardio before Heavy Weight Training

Cardio before weight training might not be a positive strategy for those who want to put on muscle or get stronger. Prior to the heavy weight training, if you attempt some heavy cardio, then it may limit your potential of gaining strength or adding muscle. How to Fix It? Rather than doing heavy cardio workouts before weight training, schedule it to the next day and instead perform a 10 minute dynamic stretches that will help you out for Weight Training sessions.

3. Speeding through workouts

Fighting to hit the gym after a long night of partying? It not only can be tough but leaves you with insufficient time for your sessions. As a result, you speed through all the exercises in just 30 minutes, which will take you nowhere. In fact wrapping up exercises within few minutes not only halts your progress, but can cause harm to your body. So, have a bit of patience and persistence for the right progress.

4. Incorrect Technique

Use of Incorrect or Poor techniques in workouts can result in weight-training injuries. Doing it quickly or not learning the technique can pull, rip or wrench a muscle or tear muscle tissues. The fitness experts also suggest not to use too much weights in an exercise as it raises the risks of injuries.

5. Hopping off to next Programs

Hopping or jumping from a program to other within weeks is not a good idea. Changing from one training phase to the next should be done periodically and in planned way, but not just to avoid boredom or regularity. This will only make you achieve below-par results. How to fix it? Choose a well-balanced workout program, and follow it for two-three months. Reevaluate your progress and make slight alterations, and then move on to your next program.

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