Body Fitness Tips for Men

Body Fitness Tips for Men

A healthy nutritious diet and fitness exercises add to better health and body, plus it reduces the risks of several diseases that are associated with Obesity. It’s never late to start adopting better habits that contributes to health an fitness. Here are 9 Body Fitness Tips for Men to help get a healthier you.

1. Fitness Routine

Aim for a 30-minute cardio workout 5 times a week, but to stay motivated to work out trying out variety of exercises that is good for both the mind and body. You may get easily bored if your body gets used to the same thing again and again. Try combining different types of fitness workouts by mixing cardio workouts with strength training, yoga, and martial arts.

2. Go through Nutrition Labels

Rather than blindly picking up the products, read packaged labels and choose healthy products that have lesser unhealthy ingredients in processed foods. It is advised to avoid foods with trans fats and limit sugars while less than 7 grams per serving might be a good idea. Opt for fiber-rich foods which are packed with 3 grams of fiber per serving. Increase your intake of fresh foods to get the essential daily nutrients.

3. Healthy Cooking

Health and fitness tips -When you’re looking for healthy diet, go for home-cooked foods. Rather than breading and deep-frying foods, include baked, grilled, steamed, or sauté foods. Also cook with healthy olive or canola oil instead of butter and season it with herbs and spices. Cut down on the salt.

4. Strength training

Strength training is one of the best body fitness tips for variety as well as to build calorie-burning muscle. Fitness tips don’t mean you need to spend hours of time in gym. Spending just a few minutes of your time daily can tone your muscles at home or at the office. Try Pushups that are great for working the chest, triceps, and shoulders. Add Squats and lunges to any fitness routine that works effectively.

5. Simple Cardio workouts

Cardio exercises are the best body fitness tips for men to burn off calories. While Running acts as great cardio workout, you can begin the workouts slowly by shuffling between walking and running intervals. Standing up more often, brisk walking and taking stairs are some of the simple ways to lose weight and get fit.

6. Healthy diet options

One of the best Health fitness tips is to include varied foods to get wide variety of nutrients. Lean protein, low-fat dairy staples, exotic fruits and vegetables, whole grains are best foods for health. Limit fatty foods, sodium and carbs.

7. Quit Smoking and Alcohol in Moderation

Quit smoking and consume alcohol only in moderation. Red wine is associated with several health benefits. However, Men can consume only 2 drinks a day.

8. Good sleep

Eat dinner at least 3 hours before going to bed to avoid the heat burn. Make it a point to get good sleep and de-stress as a part of Health fitness tips. Be it through reading, exercise, yoga or meditation, find ways to de-stress

9. Stay Motivated

Following the same Health and fitness tips daily can make you get bored and you may lose its appeal over time. Try varied foods and new exercise activities to ramp up your enthusiasm. Try varied exercises in rotation be it brisk walking, rowboat or strength training, schedule the in your exercise rotation and stay motivated.

These 9 Body Fitness Tips for Men and Health fitness tips will help build muscle, burn fat, and boost workout performance, besides improving your overall fitness.

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Disclaimer* results may vary from person to person