7 Ways to Gain Lean Muscle Fast

7 Ways to Gain Lean Muscle Fast

Wanted to achieve lean, muscular, big yet ripped body? Losing fat and building muscle to look massive and lean is not an easy task, but it isn’t either too tough to achieve. Here are the 7 steps to help you keep off those extra pounds, and pack on pounds of lean muscle mass to your frame.

1. Increase your Training Frequency

Hitting the gym twice a week to maintain the muscle you already have is fine, but if you wanted to build the muscle by packing on those extra pounds, then increase your training frequency to 4 times a week, to help you pack on mass.

2. Go for Big Lifts

Go for complex workouts including Deadlifts, Squats, overhead presses and pull ups, as they help you achieve a lot of mass building benefits. Fitness experts say focussing on the big lifts is the key component to pack on more size. Strive to break your records by making your body adapt and build muscle.

3. Targeted isolation Movements

Apart from your big lifts and complex workouts, also opt for workouts that benefit your program like biceps curls or calf raises to challenge lagging body parts. Fitness experts also advise not to stick to a set and rep scheme for the entire season, and try opting for some lower rep strength work for few weeks and higher reps (20-30 rep sets) for other weeks of training block, as it helps stimulate muscle growth.

4. Rest and Recover

After the long workouts in gym, spend your time outside the gym for your body recovery with adequate rest and diet plans. Ensure you get solid, consistent sleep of 8-9 hours to make your body get recovered and repaired. Reduce your stress, and these factors will certainly improve your body composition.

5. Include Supplements

Besides making sure you have the best diet plan, including supplements in your diet can aid in filling the nutritional holes and improve performance. Add creatine, fish oil, multi-vitamins and workout shakes can give the energy boost to improve your performance. Try any of these strategies, as they are worth it.

6. Stick to your Program

It is important to stick to your training program to reap its benefits. Push yourself much harder to make yourself show up in gym every session and you’ll be packing on size before you even start to take notice. Increase your workout volume by adding up weights, doing more reps and sets, and you will certainly make progress and add more volume.

7. Balanced meal with Protein and Carbs

Protein is the building block of muscle, and you need to opt for a balanced meal with protein and carbs to help with muscle repair post workout. Intake of carbs before workout can supply your body with energy for your workouts. Fitness experts also recommend eating five to eight times per day, which is about every four hours.

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