Dynamic Stretches to Prep your body for Workouts

Dynamic Stretches to Prep your body for Workouts

For any Physical activity or Sports, it is significant to take care of your body, not just during the activity, but also prior and post the exercise/sport. The best way is dynamic stretching to prep your body for the workouts. Stretching allows you to loosen up your muscles, reducing the risk of exercise related injuries, besides improving the joint range of motion.

What is Dynamic Stretching?

Dynamic Stretching or Warm Ups or Movement prep involves the active movement of muscles causing them to stretch and not withholding to a position. The stretches can improve your performance of your physical activity.

Dynamic Stretching Benefits- Dynamic stretches activates your core, loosens up your muscles, improves your range of motion and body awareness, increases oxygen and blood flow circulation, and as a result improves your overall performance of the body. Crank out these 5 Dynamic Stretches to warm-up your body for some action…

1. Lunge with a Lean

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The Stretch can loosen up your hips and other muscles, with the involvement of your quads, hamstrings, glutes, and calves. However, get control over the stretch by reaching with your arm and performing it slow.  Rather than standing stationary, you can perform Forward lunge with a lean.

2. Side Lunge Touching Heel

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Alternating Side Lunges are basic version of advanced dynamic stretching exercises, which works in great way to work the glutes on the side of your pelvis and inner thighs. Bring your right elbow as close to your heel as possible, if you are lunging with your right leg. Touch your heel with opposite hand to get a good stretch. Keep your chest lifted and your weight in your heels, while performing it.
Complete a set of 10 on each side.

3. Straight Leg Kicks with Hand Reach

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This hamstring stretch benefits your core stability. However, ensure not to kick too hard, as it would make your dynamic stretch look like a ballistic stretch, which means you may not be handling the range of motion comfortably. Complete 6-8 reps of Front kick with hand reach per side.

4. Knee to Chest Stretch

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Knee to Chest exercises stretch the buttocks and lower back of the bent leg and the hip flexor of the straight leg. The exercise eases any muscle tensions or pain in these muscle groups. Intensifying the stretch by doing with both legs can accentuate the stretch. You can perform the Knee to Chest Stretch at the end of your pre-workout warmup or after your workout.

5. Arm Circles

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Arm circles stretch your shoulder muscles and Arm Crossovers can stretch your chest and shoulders. Keep your feet shoulder-width apart and arms on sides. Move your arms them around in big circles going forward keeping them straight. Go for 15 to 20 reps, switching directions. Shoulders have the largest range of motion of any joint and thus, it’s necessary to warm them up. So, starters perform the above five dynamic stretches before your next workout, and see how the warm ups can help you.

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