5 Benefits of Sleeping with Onions on Your Feet

5 Benefits of Sleeping with Onions on Your Feet

Did you know that the bottoms of your feet have direct access points for meridians, a way into the nervous system of your body, which provides a great detox action? While it’s stimulating those meridians with brisk walks, massages, another intriguing way to keep these meridians healthy is by sleeping with a slice of onion in your sock. It acts as air purifier and when applied to the skin, they kill germs and bacteria.

Take a look at 5 Surprising Benefits when you put raw onions in your socks…

Kills Bacteria, Germs & Pathogens

Onions and Garlic are packed with anti-bacterial and anti-viral benefits and when you put raw onions in your socks they aid in killing bacteria and germs from your body.

Purifies Your Blood

The phosphoric acid in Onions get absorbed through your skin and it purifies your blood and purifies the air around you.

Clears Sinus Infections

While you can’t fix your sinus infections overnight, detoxing with an onion in your sock regularly can help you with the process of removing sinus toxins built up over time, due to pollution, smoking, allergens, and indoor pollution

For Healthy Gut

Human digestive system especially your intestines processing the junk we put into our bodies. Our intestines get loaded with toxins with poor balanced diets, and this slows your immune system. Fortunately, onions draw out those toxins through meridians leading from your GI tract that boosts your immune system and making your gut healthier.

Improves kidneys and liver performance

Putting raw onions in your socks detoxes your kidneys and liver eliminating the wastes and improving the functioning of your filtering organs. The detox action also helps your body drain toxins through your meridians and improves lungs functioning.

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