High blood pressure (hypertension) Causes

High blood pressure (hypertension) Causes

High Blood Pressure has become quite common, a sign where your heart is having to work too hard to pump that blood where it needs to go. As a result, the damaged arteries, worn-out heart and increased heart risks are leading to deaths of one in three people every year.

Here are 7 Reasons Leading to High Blood Pressure and how you can fight the BP.

1. Too Much of Alcohol

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A research study has reported that alcohol consumption is linked to lower cardiac mortality, as it increases good cholesterol levels and dilates the body’s blood vessels, provided you have taken it in moderation. However, too much of alcohol consumption is dangerous and can increase your blood pressure.

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Drink alcohol but in moderation. Men can consume two drinks per day while women not more than one drink per day.

2. Smoking

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Even if you’re not an avid smoker, an occasional cigarette every now and then also spike up high blood pressure levels. The nicotine in cigarettes makes your blood vessels narrow, and Tobacco physically damages the cells that make up your blood vessels, ultimately increasing the risks of risk of High Blood Pressure and heart disease

Fix It
Reducing your exposure to smoking reduces high blood pressure and heart disease risks. Quit Smoking and it benefits your health in all ways.

3. Too much of Salt

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You may love a bag of chips, but the excess sodium in it causes bloating. Excess of salt intake by retaining water may end you up with too many fluids running through your bloodstream that raises the blood pressure.

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Limit processed foods and sodium intake. Top sources of sodium come from potato chips, pretzels, breads and rolls, lunch meats, cheese, and popcorn.

4. Not Eating Enough Fruits and Vegetables

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Poor diet intake is also one of the reasons behind high blood pressure levels. A healthy and balanced diet, and antioxidants may help treat high blood pressure while poor diets can worsen the situation.

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Eat diets rich in fruits, vegetables, lean protein, and healthy fats to treat blood pressure. Researchers also recommend Mediterranean-type diets for healthy heart.

5. Too Much Stress

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While an occasional stress is something common, too much of daily stress can make causes your adrenal glands to pump out blood pressure-increasing hormones. This can cause blood vessels to contract and the longer you’re stressed out, the more you’re straining your heart. Lack of sleep linked to stress can also shoot up your blood pressure levels

Fix It
Reduce your stress by opting for some form of meditation or exercise. Get adequate sleep daily and keep electronic gadgets away when you sleep.

6. Few Medications

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Certain medications like anti-inflammatory drugs, decongestants, certain antidepressants, and hormonal birth control are medications that can cause list increased blood pressure due to side-effects. These medications may constrict blood vessels or raise blood pressure by causing you to retain water.

Fix It
Talk to your doctor regarding you medications (both prescription and OTC). Discuss on the possible side effects of medications and don’t pop the pill for even small troubles and opt for natural remedies at times.

7. Family History of Blood Pressure

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If you have a family history of high blood pressure, then there are increased chances of high blood pressure. High Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Genetics have a genetic component.

Fix It
While you certainly can’t change genetics, you can take precautions by talking to your doctor about your family history of high blood pressure, and ensuring to stop any spikes before they turn into a problem.


  • Informative article about hyper-tension and will be helpful to minimise the effects of HBP by taking precautionary steps. Apart from taking medication , physical activities like walking and cycling will go a long way in minimising the risks of hyper tension. Deep and controlled breathing should be practised daily at least for 20 minutes and you will be amazed to know the regular practice calms down your nerves, makes your heart stronger and within a short period ( depending upon your intensity and consistency) you will, no longer worry about the numbers of systolic and diastolic.


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