Heart Healthy Diets: We Should All Have One

Nutrihealthline.com – Our hearts are the most important part of our body because without a pumping heart, blood can’t deliver the nutrients we need to stay healthy or even alive. Each day, millions of us are doing our hearts great harm and are increasing our risks of suffering from cardiovascular problems.

For some of this, it’ll take one of these problems to strike before we make some changes, but for others, it’s just a matter of will and determination to make our lives better and healthier. So, what are some tips for making our hearts healthier through our diets? Let’s take a look at some below.

Making our hearts healthier is really a game of balance since we don’t want to cut out all foods we enjoy from time to time, but we do want to limit those foods in our diets to rare or occasional splurges.

For instance, we’ll want to look at the types of fats we’re ingesting at each meal on any given day. Are we eating healthy fats like those found in fatty acids or are we eating saturated ones or Trans fats that are clogging our arteries as we speak? The first one is the best choice because these fatty acids are necessary for our cells and their continued ability to function properly.

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Another area we should concern ourselves with is our intake of sugar. What types of sugars are we eating? Are they refined, simple sugars that lead to drops in our blood levels or are they helping us power through the day as fiber? The refined sugars are just empty calories and small boosters to energy, but they can just accumulate in the body if they aren’t used, increasing our risk for problems down the road.

When we want to focus on fiber for energy, we’ll want to look at whole grains, fruits, and vegetables since their fiber content will keep us full longer and running stronger as we work through our day.

Salt is something all of us should limit. It’s not something our bodies can break down without the help of water. It needs a water source to dissolve and without it, it’ll cause problems for us. It’s the reason our bodies swell when we eat it. It also will settle in our kidneys and possibly buildup until we have a new problem.

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Table salt isn’t the main culprit since the processed foods we eat are usually loaded with salt, which is why we should limit these goods in our diets.

The final areas where we need to make some changes is in the portions we eat and the weight we carry. Too large a portion can lead to overeating. Overeating can lead to weight gain.

Too much weight gain and you’ll have problems with your heart keeping up, possibly overworking itself, which can lead to those very problems you want to avoid.

So, as you plan your weekly menus, think about your heart and do what’s necessary to keep it healthy and happy as it pumps your life’s blood throughout your body.

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