Eating Healthy on a Budget -10 Cheap but Healthy Diet Tips – Looking for tips on Eating Healthy on a Budget? You are at the right place! All healthy foods are not expensive, and eating on a tight budget is not that difficult. All you need to do is plan properly and incorporate the 10 Cheap but Healthy Diet Tips when you visit your grocery stores nearby, or if you plan to purchase from retailers or directly from farmers. lists you 10 Cheap but Healthy Diet Tips

To implement when you are on a super-tight budget and planning on to Eat healthy for Cheap.

1. Unprocessed foods

Opt for whole foods as unprocessed foods are cheaper than processed foods. What’s more? These foods are nutritious and they give you control on your portion of food you intake. Shop cottage cheese, plain yogurt, eggs, milk which are rich in proteins. Pasta, rice, oats, potatoes, beans, apples, bananas are rich in carbs and get good fats from olive oil, butter.

2. Cheap Protein foods

Proteins are essential to build and maintain muscle, and they have higher thermic effect than other foods. Eat healthy for cheapwith Milk, Eggs, Frozen Chicken Breast, Cheese, Whey, which are all good sources of protein you can have in daily diet.

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3. Buy Generic foods

Buying Generic foods is one of the best diet tips when eating healthy on a budget. Opt for raw foods like rice, corn, eggs, milk, cottage cheese, frozen fruits/veggies rather than the branded goods. They sure will save you money on their packaging.

4. Get seasoned fruits and vegetables

Foods especially fruits/vegetables grown in season are not only tastier but can be cheap and healthy meals to prepare. They pack the needed nutrients. You can also buy from local produced farmers in the season, where you get a lot cheaper. For instance, apples and squash in fall, berries and mangoes in summers.

5. Substitute meat with other proteins

Meat is high in proteins, but eating less of it can save you money. Eat healthy for cheap by investing on other healthy proteins including legumes, hemp seeds, eggs or canned fish. They are easy to prepare and have longer shelf life.

6. Stop eating junk foods

Cut down the junk food from your diet which is unhealthy and expensive. Stop buying processed foods, packaged meals, sodas, cookies and pizzas. These foods not only cause weight gain, but also increase the risks of diseases.

7. Prepare your Meals

Eating out is expensive! Preparing your own food is not only less expensive but way healthier too. Plus you’ll realize you are eating what’s in the fridge and minimizing the wastage. Plan in advance and you’ll save your money and time on cheap and healthy meals.

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8. Buy at Farmers Markets

Buying at farmers market at the end of the day can get you grab some good cheap deals. Incorporate your cheap healthy diet plan, if you are on a super-tight budget. Go to the farmer’s market an hour before it closes, and you are likely to get a good bargain.

9. Get non-perishable items in bulk

Buying in bulk is the best way to Eat Healthy for cheap, as you can stock up your kitchen for several months. While you can’t buy fruits and vegetables, you can always grab nonperishable food items like peanut butter, grains, beans and canned proteins in bulk on sale. It costs you less on the long run. Ensure you store them airtight containers and those products have longer shelf life.

10. Grow your own produce

We know its bit tough, but if you have the time, it’s a great idea to grow your own produce. Invest in some time and effort, and you will be proud to grow your own herbs, sprouts, tomatoes, onions and more. It saves you lot of money, plus the Home-grown produce is more healthier than store-bought varieties.

Eating healthy on a budget looks easy with these tips. Isn’t it? Incorporate these 10 Cheap but Healthy Diet Tips when you are on a super-tight budget.

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