Want To Keep Your Salon Fully Booked? Try These Steps


What do you think is the real game for salon owners? In my opinion – to keep the salon fully booked all the time! You may get a regular flow of customers; but are they your regular customers? Chances are, that statement got you thinking! Efforts to attract new leads and retain existing customers both require different strategies. do you follow like this Are your stylists able to provide the best experience for clients?

To keep the game going and running well, providing your clients with the services they have come to expect from your salon is a must. I call it a rule of thumb to stay competitive in the beauty and wellness industry. TThe statistics speak of an increase 5% in customer retention improves the profit rate from 25% to 95%. All in all, 65% of business for a company is due to the higher retention rate. And 89% of industries say satisfactory customer service is the most important factor in customer retention.

One thing is clear from these numbers Increase the rate of regular customers in your spa & salon and to make them loyal you must prioritize the best service. Of course, I understand your pressure, so I have the top tips that need your immediate attention.


Proven strategies used by big names in the salon industry to keep the salon booked

If you are thinking of improving the business or implementing the new tips in your beauty business, you must first do your research. Find out what others are pursuing in this industry that keep their brand stable for a long time. With that in mind I researched the process and found the tools, the stylist and the tactics they follow require me to cheer. All in all, these factors together can give you the shine to keep your salon booked all the time. Read on to learn how these are helpful and how you can implement them.

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#1. Customers should be served by appropriate stylists


When the client visits your salon for the first time, he has no idea which stylist to choose for the service. They are the ones who must point them in the right direction. Providing you with the services you want from the best and most qualified people overwhelms them. Of course, they will probably choose you for future services.

#2. Greet the customer properly when they arrive

Greet the customer properly when they arrive

Aside from keeping the salon clean and hygienic, it’s important that your staff give them a proper welcome. The receptionist has to greet you at the door when you visit. Make it clear to your employees that they should not stay on the phone as this can annoy the customer. You need to know that the reception is the communication point for customers. You have to be there all the time to handle calls, interact, answer customer queries, etc.


#3. Choose the best salon booking system

Choose the best salon booking system

To be honest, if your workplace isn’t digital, your salon business is definitely lacking. How do you handle appointments, inventory, sales, etc.? Manually? Dear people! When you do this, you transform the way you do business! I’ve seen many organizations fail miserably at managing their activities manually. Choose the best salon booking system, especially when it comes to an easy appointment booking process. It is nothing but the software that automates and intelligently manages the appointments.

This allows the salon owners to enable their customers to conveniently book their appointments online. This allows them to book, rebook or cancel their booking with your salon’s stylists. However, customers can check their availability and seamlessly book according to their schedule. In addition, after checking their timetable, employees can also give their acceptance or rejection.


#4. Reminder and notification system

Reminder and notification system

How do you inform customers about current offers, discounts, etc.? Vocation? Do you find this approach helpful and profitable? For me, not only is it time consuming, but it also fails to ensure customers are convinced enough. Complete these tasks with ease through the salon software. To keep the online salon booking system in check, send the notifications to clients before they book so they show up on time and don’t miss their appointments. Also, salon businesses can notify them of pending payments, upcoming offers, special offers, discounts, etc. Choosing the software solution is a win-win situation!

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#5. Find out who comes back and who doesn’t

The first thing you need to do is figure out which of your existing customers are coming back and which aren’t. As a salon business owner, you must prioritize this step. Start by finding ways to reconnect with them before they turn to another salon for more services.


#6. Send personalized gift cards

Send personalized gift cards

Engage more customers by allowing them to send the gift cards to their loved ones. Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary or any other special occasion, the best online booking system’s personalized gift card options can win over your customers.

#7. Reward existing customers

Reward existing customers

If you reward the new customers, then you are very wrong. Those who use services from your salon for a long time should receive rewards to stay loyal to your brand. The reason is simple! When they feel valued and valued, they can recommend their friends or family members to your salon through word of mouth. In this way, you can attract new leads and turn the existing customers into potential customers with discounts, special offers, deals, etc.

Final remarks

A regular flow of customers will only be confirmed if your customer retention strategies are not convincing. It is necessary to get in touch with them, provide the best service, solve their queries, etc. If you want to stay the best and keep your salon booked, then follow this guide! Don’t forget to use salon software to stay on your client’s good books. If you’re looking for one that fits perfectly into your salon alcove, try Salonist! It’s a cloud-based management software that includes all the features that beauty businesses of any size need. Try it free for 14 days!


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