Top 6 Natural Ways To Make Lips Bigger – Struggling with a problem of small and thin lips and want to make them look fuller naturally? Without any doubt, it is one of the most desirable beauty features for each and every girl. Lip fillers is quite a risky and permanent thing, let alone the fact that they are too damn expensive.

Here are Top 6 ways to achieve thick and trendy lips without much effort


Your lips will remove dead skin cells making them look smoother and brighter. It will also increase blood circulation in your lips so that they will look more red without any lipstick. You can exfoliate your lips with a soft toothbrush or sugar mixed with coconut oil to make them look full and voluptuous. Please do not overdo with exfoliating as it may cause irritation and redness, try to rub your lips gently and for a short time.

Cayenne pepper

Can be used in different ways – you can either add it to your lip balm or apply a tiny amount of ground cayenne pepper to your lips directly. Be careful, big quantity of it may burn like hell and you obviously don’t want it! Another method is to mix it with coconut oil and cocoa butter to make a home-made lip balm. This remedy will guarantee you wonderful results.

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You can also increase your lips volume by gently rubbing Cinnamon into your lips. You can also add a drop of cinnamon oil to your lip balm and then use it on the daily basis. You might feel a slight itching after applying it, but it will disappear after a couple of minutes leaving you with softer and brighter lips.

Peppermint oil

Works in the same manner as cinnamon – it also improves blood flow and gives your lips a vivid hue. It causes lips to tingle a little bit, but also has an awesome cooling effect. After using it a couple of times you’ll notice that your lips become fuller and more tender.

Lip-plumping products

Are really popular these days. You can find them in various forms: glosses, balms or gels. Applying these products to your lips can temporarily make them look bigger, often by irritating them because of the ingredients those products contain. You can also purchase some plastic or silicone lip plumper. You will only need to use them for a couple of minutes to see d the immediate results. Dermatologists do not recommend overusing lip-plumping products, as they may cause your lips to become dry and dehydrated.

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The easiest way to create an illusion of fuller lips is to line them slightly beyond the real contour. Try to make it look natural so that your lips do not resemble a Joker’s smile. Also try to avoid dark colours – pink or nude lipsticks will visually make your lips thick and sensuous. Dry lips seem to be rough and small. Use vaseline or other balms to moisturize your lips to make them look beautiful and appealing.

Remember, size of your lips is not as important as their nice and healthy look. Don’t forget to keep them clean, moisturized and don’t bite or lick them. This is pretty simple! Let me know if these tips help you! Leave your comments in the section below if you tried some of those methods and whether they helped you!

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