Top 5 Makeup Artist Schools In The U.S.

Advertisements – While choosing a course of study, we all want to walk the less trodden path. A good scholar knows something about everything and everything about something.

Now this omething’ that you want to know everything about should be your passion, your heartthrob, a dream that you will never stop dreaming. If you think you have had such a passion to learn about makeup, to know more about the magic that turns mundane faces into angels or aliens you need to look into your prospects of getting into a Makeup Artist School.

Gaining great importance and popularity in the growing film and theatrical sectors, makeup is an art that requires a creative mind, skillful hands and specialized training.

However, this kind of specialization is rare and will serve as a less frequented field of study where you can discover, create and transform both yourself and your subjects through makeup.

Here’s a list of the top 5 Schools of Makeup Artistry in the U.S.:

1. Cosmic School of Makeup Artistry.

The Cosmic School of Makeup Artistry takes their mission very seriously. Making sure that they have ruled out any misconceptions about them being a cosmetology school, they promise to help you evolve into this special being called Makeup Artist. They claim to be the masters of their craft. Here you can learn from those who have mastered the art and established themselves, while they share their real-life experiences.

2. Montclair State University, Montclair, NJ.

The Department of Art and Design offers a specialized course in Makeup Artistry. Makeup for beauty and fashion is taught at the Bobby Brown studio, NJ. Other courses are taught at the university by their, Drama, Dance, Theatre and Fashion departments. This offers a holistic course, preparing one for any kind of Makeup that the world may demand.

3. Emerson College, Boston, MA.

This institution of higher education dedicated to communication and arts claims to offer a world-class course in Makeup Artistry taught by Bobby Brown professionals. The institution also holds the rare honor of having Bobby Brown himself as one of its alumni. It offers courses at two levels – The fundamentals of Makeup Artistry and Advanced Makeup Artistry.

4. Cameo College of Essential Beauty. Murray, Utah.

The Cameo College of Essential Beauty offers a detailed full-time course in Makeup Artistry. The course is directed towards helping one understand the science beneath this beautiful art. It thus prepares one to be a Professional makeup artist whether in the wide realm of film and theatrics or in a local beauty parlor helping a bride look her best.

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5. Boca Beauty Academy, Boca Raton, FL.

Though the Boca Beauty Academy doesn’t offer a specific course in Makeup Artistry like the top four, it offers a variety of programs that have become an essential part of Makeup. It offers diploma courses in electrolysis, cosmetology, paramedics’ aesthetics, makeup, skin care, nail specialist, etc.

Though there are many more institutions to choose from, these are the top five that offer specialized courses, preparing you to prepare many others for the stage or the ramp. All the above institutions have short or long-term courses. Some even offer weekend or summer courses, bringing your dream profession well within your reach and time restrictions. All you need to do now is go forth and excel!


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