Tips to Optimize Your Scheduling Process


Scheduling is no cakewalk! Mainly, it is the main factor that the salon industry relies on the most. Not only in terms of profitability, but also in building a strong customer base is vital. However, my research shows that last minute cancellations, double bookings, no-shows, etc. are salon owners’ worst nightmare. Basically, they are also hurdles in the smooth beauty business scheduling process.

So what to do? How can you make sure they visit your salon again? However, it is evident that you follow the strategies for the right booking process. But my question here is: are they thriving enough or are they catching customers’ attention? Your answer is probably no! Dear Sir or Madam, Your business success will melt away over time.

Believe me, there are proven tips that can convert leads into loyal customers and make the most of beauty business scheduling. Fact salon software is what you need for your salon business first and foremost. It’s one of those solutions that takes the excess load and lets you work on services, products, and other important areas that matter a lot.


If you want to significantly improve the beauty business scheduling process, read this article. There’s nothing wrong with starting late rather than never

What is the science behind salon planning?

You see, it is the process by which the salon staff’s available hours are booked with the services they are proficient with clients. Overall, it’s about serving clients in the right way, at the right time, by the right stylist. The end result is nothing but an improvement in customer satisfaction rate and therefore an increase in the growth rate of the salon.


As a salon owner, you need to ensure that the service prices define the right timing for the services provided. In belief, it is the timing that makes the services valuable.

Before you know staff availability, also tell me what resources your salon has. How many rooms do you have for treatments? Is your salon able to run different shifts to increase footfall?

Use this question to answer if you can improve and streamline resources to boost the beauty business scheduling process. If so, then stay with me a little longer to learn how!


How to automate the salon planning process

#1. Make the most of the technology

Stop using manual methods to manage client appointments. Instead, step into the digital world and integrate salon software into your business.

It is the solution that simplifies the bookings and automates the administrative and operational tasks. The best thing about the system is that it provides the support your salon needs for an effective result. In addition, the software does almost all of your work.


Significantly, it helps in improving client’s deadlines. With just a click or a single tap, the client can book with your salon. In addition, it includes the services that the customer can check when booking.

There are many softwares out there that have cluster booking. This allows the booking process to be optimized. This means that the secondary services are also posted with the primary services. If your service is hair coloring, hair finishing or blow drying services will be added automatically. Of course, you don’t want to set such standards as letting the client leave your salon with wet hair.

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Also, consider resource management as you streamline the planning process. For example, if there is a room for services, how you can give facials to different clients at the same time. Here the service area is what the resource is.


The best salon solution includes features like online booking, reminder systems, reports and analytics, client and employee management, multiple location management, etc.

#2. Make online booking accessible

Is your salon facing a chaos with booking requests? Can you deal with it effectively? How about customers booking themselves with the time slot and agent they wish to serve with?

I advise you to allow clients to book their appointments online through the salon booking software. Social media handles and your salon website can also be used for appointment booking. Give them the freedom to choose the time they book instead of wasting time in their office hours.

Also, they can either reschedule or cancel their appointment in the event of an emergency or a busy schedule. With that in mind, you can book the other customers in the loop and ensure a regular flow of customers. Update appointments regularly eliminates the likelihood of no-shows and last minute cancellations.

With this tactic, salon staff don’t even have to worry about missed calls or calling clients to ensure their visit to the salon. Yes, it lets them focus and improves service quality. Online booking not only makes it easier to make an appointment, but also saves resources and, above all, time.

#3. Reminder and notification system to your advantage

Reminder and notification system to your advantage

The main problem most salons experience is no-shows and last-time appointment cancellations. It’s a big loss of revenue. The function of the reminder and notification system of the salon management software helps here. There is a saying that this feature reduces business loss by about 70%.

If it is used as a reminder system for customers a day or two ago, they will be updated on the same. They either confirm, reschedule, or cancel the appointment through the salon software. Accordingly, you can book the other customers in the queue.

It undeniably saves a lot of time wasted by manually entering customer details and calling for a confirmation.

#4. Create a waiting list

Create a waiting list

There is nothing wrong with maintaining a waiting list. However, it is an ideal approach to properly schedule appointments. It fills the salon schedule perfectly. In the event of a sudden cancellation of an appointment, the opportunities to fill in the time and date are greater.

All you have to do is move another one in the list considering the services they need to then consume the same compared to previously booked appointments. Whether using a scheduling manual or salon software, creating a waitlist is important. And for this you need:

  • Your name and other contact information
  • Make a note of the services you want
  • Mention the name of the employee that they are happy to use services from
  • What time do they like to take service; Is the customer comfortable booking an appointment in the evening? Do they need services that require more time and a specific stylist? Is there any other information (physical limitation) you need to know?

All the above details must be respected, especially when an available time slot is available. Immediate services can be provided to full satisfaction.

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Check out the waiting list features while choosing the salon software. And that just pops up or sends a notification about someone else who can be booked.

#5. Enable walk-ins

Enable walk-ins

Yes, we can’t deny the ease and seamless experience of booking online. However, walk-ins are still beneficial for attracting a new customer base.

This could be the existing client who brings in their friends and family members for your salon services. It can also be a person who just walks in for a haircut, mani-pedi, or other service.

However, if I emphasize walk-in customers here, that doesn’t mean you overlook online customer appointments. Place a QR code on the main counter for the customer to easily scan and pay. Also, find out if time slots are available to plan your booking in real time.

One piece of advice here is to reserve the appointment slots for future walk-ins. You might think they’re out of league, but in faith they’re only very helpful if you prioritize them.

#6. Benefit from effective marketing strategies

If you don’t market the salon’s services and products properly, you’re wasting a lot of time. Follow the right steps for salon marketing. Organize campaigns and send emails and text messages to customers to engage and win them.

Also, emails can be created and sent in bulk to inform about new offers, discounts or other important announcements. Accordingly, they can keep up to date with new promotions, trends or other interesting information. Also, post this on your social media channels to get more engagement.

Additionally, automated confirmations can be set up to bring existing clients into your salon. In between, automated emails and SMS, campaigns and reschedule notifications drive more sales.

If there are some clients that you haven’t seen in your salon for a long time, use an automatic reminder system for their return visit. You can also send them “new offers for you” or “we miss you” messages to encourage communication.

#7. Add easy and reliable payment methods

Reliable payment methods

The effective point of sale (POS) system is generally integrated with the salon management software. It simplifies the process of taking payments, frees you up and lets you focus on other useful salon operations.

There are several ways that the point of sale improves the checkout process. It contains the options for the customers to save their card information. You can quickly complete the payment through the salon software. In addition, they can accept payments online when the customer books. It certainly makes the whole process convenient for customers and employees as well.

You can also prepay or ask them to provide credit card details when booking online and automatically deduct the late cancellation fee. Otherwise, the gap in the salon calendar could result in lost sales.

Final remarks

Therein lies the secret of salon success Make salon customers happy and satisfied. And if the beauty business scheduling process isn’t up to par, you can lose a large percentage of clients. Therefore, it is important to opt for solutions that not only improve the management of appointments, but also bring good income. Incorporating the best salon software is highly recommended. Salonist is a cloud-based salon solution that’s great for beauty businesses. Regardless of the industry you are in and the size of your business, its features and functions serve the best possible path.


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