Strategies to maintain Salon’s position


I have a few questions to ask – do you maintain your health regularly in the beauty industry? Are you updating tools or techniques? Is the marketing strategy capable of converting visitors into repeat customers? Chances are my questions got you thinking!

Naturally, as a beauty industry owner, you are busy managing the day-to-day operations of several days. But at the same time, it is important to keep the salon growing. And it’s possible if you follow the right strategies. With my research and experience, I have prepared some of the influence methods that can keep your beauty business running smoothly, ensure higher customer retention rate and profitability. Know them below!

Tips for success in the beauty industry

#1. Keep the Google My Business (GMB) listing up to date

As the beauty industry becomes more profiling and searches for “salon near me” increase, it’s important that you are visible to visitors. When someone searches for your business on Google to make an appointment, check opening and closing times, or find out your location, they’ll see reviews from the existing customer.

Make sure the contact details and location provided are updated. It is best to link the best services and products from the GMB listing. Add your customers’ positive reviews on the GMB page. Therefore, ask the loyal and satisfied customers to leave reviews about the services they have used or the products they have purchased. Also, remind them via SMS or email; You can also paste the page link to the message you are sending.


#2. Improve the salon’s client base

I don’t think I need to remind you of the importance of customers to your business. Must I? Customers are responsible for the success of your salon! Without them or losing them, several business opportunities can be lost. So taking care of them is a pretty important thing.

Every client added to your salon has a direct impact on the salon’s ROI. Therefore, the number of customers served each month could be viewed as a key performance indicator (KPI) that you need to track.

Certainly there are many ways you can improve the customer base. Yes, you can take on new customers and retain existing customers.


By measuring the number of customers, employee performance can also be measured. Giving employees a goal to serve the customer could also increase the customer base expand the salon business. The number can be defined considering the type of beauty industry you are in and the pace of your business. Here’s a piece of advice I’d like to offer: prioritize existing customers instead of acquiring new ones. On the bright side, the powerful yet promising solution to attract new clients is a salon website and reliable salon booking software.

#3. Resell your existing customers

If you want real value for your effort and money, then value existing customers. See, you’ve made them your regular customers! So what better way than to capitalize on this already engaged audience? By selling customers better, more expensive services and products, you achieve more profitable results without spending a penny more.

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And for this it is necessary to prepare an appealing speech. Of course, existing audiences don’t want to spend hours listening to something they already know. As a result, they become irritated and can leave. Therefore, deliver a one-shot speech on the benefits of best service and sell products at scale and capture their interest.


#4. Increase sales and sell products on every visit

Each client appointment allows you to sell and grow Salon products and services. Always remember that simple changes make big differences. When your reps are able to sell at every appointment, sales can go from 30% to 100%. There are several factors to improve the sale percentage on each customer visit. Find them out below:

  • Provision of Additional Services

Make sure you have multiple services in the salon menu that can be easily added and served quickly to the appointment.

  • Offer a different retail variety

The easy way to increase the percentage of products sold is to offer retail items complemented by salon services.

  • Proactively sell salon products

I’ve often heard that employees don’t like selling products. They definitely aren’t! But what’s wrong with marketing the items you promote to customers and even own in the beauty industry? I didn’t mean to push them to buy from you. But convey the value to them and define it as if you were giving them a personal recommendation.

#5. Reward and cultivate salon workers

Reward and cultivate salon workers

The employees are on the same page as your customer. You are just as important! The stylists are the ones who turn clients into regular and potential clients. You can either make or break your deal. Therefore, it is important to encourage them to do their best for future services.

Because competitive benefits and pay are essential to retaining the highest-performing employees, flexible schedules are also critical. Their work is physically and mentally demanding; Therefore, they need work-life balance. You have friends, family or other tasks that require time to attend to. So you have to give them rewards and recognize them for their work, loyalty, time, etc.

#6. Stay up to date with advanced trends and tools

Stay up to date with advanced trends and tools

Whatever gadget, tool or technique your salon uses will one day fade away. Therefore, it is imperative to update inventory and software solution. In the competitive beauty industry market, it is difficult to stay ahead, but it is possible if you use and give your best Dimensions.

Make booking an easy task for your customers. Implement the online booking software into your software and let them book with you anytime, anywhere. However, the solution keeps salon owners on top of inventory, staff performance, reports and analytics, etc. The best part is that it saves a lot of time wasted in handling salon operations manually. And give you the privilege to make the salon more successful.

#7. Let your existing customers visit regularly

Of course you have a good customer frequency. But how regularly do they visit a salon. If you can get clients to visit you at least 10 times instead of 8, I call that a 20 percent increase in salon income.

There are many things you can do to improve footfall. Some of them are defined below:

Let your employees ask customers about their next visit. Ask them about the right time for their next visit. Engage them with some offers or discounts.

  • Take advantage of the salon booking software

Salon software is full-featured these days. They have the function of a reminder and notification system. You can send notifications of current offers or offers to customers via SMS or email. Or ask the customer for feedback on the services used. Also check out the features of the software and find out if they are all that Salon needs.

  • Use email newsletters

It’s also one of the best ways to keep in touch with the customer when they’re not visiting. Of course, the newsletter should not be sales-promoting, but contain advertising messages. This act insists that the client make an appointment with you.

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#8th. Set up paid search ads

Being visible is a must for salon owners to get noticed. Make sure you rank at the top of every search from visitors. Are you wondering how this is possible? Benefit from paid search ads.

So, be specific while running the search ads. If you pay every time the customer clicks your link, you want to show the campaigns to those who can schedule with you. Probably the ones that are close to your salon. You can also define specific words that visitors are looking for. This can be the services you offer. Targeted ad copy increases the likelihood that you will click and book the ad.

#9. Add a Facebook or Insta friendly room in Salon

Add a Facebook or Insta friendly space to the salon

When it comes to social media, sharing matters. Why? Typically, audiences tend to share content that is useful, productive, and valuable to others as well. You can gain business opportunities from this law. Customers who share the pictures (before and after) of their services turn out to be beneficial.

Create a room or area for customers to take selfies. Get a ring light so they have the best picture. Ask clients to tag your salon while sharing the image on social media channels like Facebook and Instagram. Give these customers bonuses or discounts on their next visit.

My advice is to create a check-in location and hashtags for your salon. The selfie room encourages word of mouth and can offer more to your customers. You can call it a contemporary kind of testimonial.

#10. Start your YouTube channel

Start your YouTube channel

To paraphrase social media handles, we can’t overlook YouTube. It’s one of the media that many big giants follow to market their salon. Many find it time consuming, but it is still profitable. Undeniably, Youtube attracts the attention of almost 2 billion visitors every day. So why not take this opportunity?

Make videos of stylists styling clients or also make tutorials to make it more interesting. Surely it will approach and adapt more. If you think you’re not a pro at creating excellent videos, then don’t worry! Typically, audiences prefer authentic and genuine videos to heavily edited content. Remember that videos are liked more than pictures.

Final remarks

It doesn’t matter if you are new to the beauty industry or have established your presence a long time ago. It is desirable to be one step ahead of the competition. The market size of the beauty industry is huge, so it has become difficult, but not impossible, to hold a salon position.

All you need is the right plan or strategy, the best staff, key factors to keep it running smoothly, the right salon software, etc. Give your salon the height it deserves!Is there another strategy we’ve overlooked? Have you implemented any of the above? Let us know!


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