6 How To Start Your Hair Care Line

Nutrihealthline.com Starting a hair care line can be challenging, especially if you don’t have any business, manufacturing or marketing background. It becomes even more challenging when we talk about creating your own organic hair care brand as you have to make sure that your manufacturer uses 100% organic ingredients.

I’ve started several businesses myself, I lived in China and France

The capitals of hair care manufacturing. I’ve seen this industry in and out. There are several issues you have to consider before starting your hair care business. Some of them we discussed in start your makeup line article.

Creating a hair care brand is much more difficult than starting you hair extensions line or a flat iron line. Why? Because there are much more regulations and bureaucracy you have to deal with.

Setting up a company

You will need to have a real company, if you want to create a strong brand. Depending on your country of residence, your product may be subjected to licensing, special registration procedures and testing. That is why you have to check the regulations before starting ANYTHING!

I would recommend working with the manufacturers from your country, because they may have already passed all the required tests.

Looking for a manufacturer

As mentioned above, try to focus on the manufacturers within your country or economic area. It will save you a lot of time, money, and energy. However, if you want to have a VERY cheap product (and greater margins), you can look for hair care manufacturers in China or India. India has some really nice white label organic hair care products that you could purchase and resell under your brand.

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You have to test the products you are going to sell on yourself first. If you don’t like the outcome, then don’t sell it… Look for another manufacturer. You should be proud of your product and feel good about it – this is the key to success.


Presenting yourself in the RIGHT way is one of the steps to launching successful hair care brand. Packaging design, logo design, website design – let the professionals to take care of it. If you think that you can start your hair care brand without all those things, then don’t even try. People will LOOK at your product first, and then buy. And if it’s ugly and unprofessional, nobody will believe that you use high quality ingredients since you can’t even afford a nice website.

If you are looking for a beautiful yet affordable website check wpdevs.io – you can get a website for around $500, but it will look like you spent thousands of dollars on it. As for the PR person who can get your product out there, get in touch with Ann Murray – she knows her stuff.

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I purchase all my graphic designs on fiverr – it’s also cheap and good.


When you are finished building your brand identity, it’s time to market your product. The best and most cost effective way for marketing your product is influencer marketing. Simply get in touch with beauty bloggers, youtubers, and instagram celebrities and offer them to promote your product in exchange to money or free products.


If somebody tells you that you can start your shampoo or hair care line cheaply, that’s just not true. You have so many things to consider, so be prepared to spend at least 10K on the legal services, marketing, and stock. And this is the case only if you already have followers or potential buyers. Otherwise, you will need 20-30K more.


If you feel that spending tens of thousands of dollars on the business that may not succeed is not a good idea, consider alternative business ideas such as starting a hair extensions line which is cheap and easy to start.

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