How do retain them for long?


Well, it’s good to make an effort to attract customers to your business, but it’s just as important to keep them. The studies I have Research has confirmed that loyal or returning customers spend more, but it also makes sales easier. Annually, the returning customers spend 120% more than the new ones. In short, I can say that retaining salon clients is vital to the growth of your salon. If you are in the beauty and wellness industry, you need to be aware of how competitive it is.

In addition, it would be very expensive and difficult to find new customers. However, choosing a reliable salon software can be of great help even in this digital world.

There are several solutions on the market that can help you streamline your operational tasks. This gives you opportunities to retain customers. In addition, there are other important aspects that require your consideration. Urged to know them all? Then read on!


Tips to improve The Salon’s customer retention rate

#1. Personalized customer experience

Personalized customer experience

My assessment is that every customer is satisfied when they receive both good service and personal attention. Make them feel valuable by asking for their valuable feedback on the services provided. Mark my words – the friendly nature and personalized services encourage the salon’s clients to revisit and use the services.


From the database of the salon software, you can check their previous services, preferences, etc. and therefore serve them accordingly in the future. Also, wish them birthdays, anniversaries, or important occasions to keep them committed to your brand.

Effective communication and the best customer experience go hand in hand. So if you use them effectively, you can bring lasting clients to your salon and confirm a higher bottom line.

#2. Forbid forcing them to book again

Don't force them to book


Over-persuasion can lead to setbacks. Don’t do that, forks! If you will, it will only irritate your customer and they would rather not visit you again. A better approach is to use the SMS or email system to ask her for her opinion on the experience with your salon services. Instead of interrupting her in her daily routine, plain text. Even I like being notified by message instead of calling back! Do the same with your customers.

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Also, it would be better if you communicate in your native language. The email or SMS could be something like “To get your hair done, make another booking” or “Don’t let the symptoms get the better of you, book an appointment for regular treatment.” Remember that the messages need to be friendly, normal and yes and show urgent concern.

#3. Have them conveniently book online

Have them conveniently book online


When your staff has the right skills and the best software is implemented in your salon, you can certainly keep clients. On the positive side, implementing a smooth and customizable process for higher rebookings is a must.

In this digital world, nobody prefers to visit the salon in person to make appointments. If you ask me, I’ve scheduled a number of my appointments online and have had a seamless experience. There are several tools that simplify the online booking process. Your customers will love using it and booking appointments will be a breeze. So do it now!

With the right salon software, you can authorize them to book as they please. The best part is that it is not time-bound. The solution even makes it possible to arrange appointments outside of office hours. Customers can easily check available time slots, staff, etc. and thus book. Several online appointment booking software have a notification system that prevents no-shows and confirms regular attendance and cash flow.


#4. Entice them with loyalty programs

loyalty program

Loyalty programs are important when it comes to retaining customers. So you need to build the loyalty of the salon clients to win them over. Is there someone who doesn’t want to get discounts or free gifts? I don’t think there is anyone! So get an edge by offering this.

If your regular customers receive loyalty programs geared towards free services or discounts, the chances of a return are higher. This practice will reassure them that they are heavily invested in your salon. Research confirms this 83% are likely to receive services from a salon that offers loyalty programs. So let it work its magic on your business, my friends, and fill up your salon slots regularly.

#5. Offer an easy payment method

Offer an easy payment method

Luckily, the salon software simplifies the transaction process. It accepts payments from third-party platforms through a secure medium. The solution mainly allows customers to pay and authorize with Stripe, Paypal. network etc.

However, you can also authorize them to pay from another reliable payment gateway to complete the payment smoothly. One piece of advice here is to accept any service in advance so you don’t face the consequences if customers don’t show up on time. Allow them to pay either full or half the amount when booking online.

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#6. Organize a salon event

Organize an event and invite clients to reaffirm that they are an invaluable asset to your salon business. Let them bring their family members or friends too. does it cost you anything I do not think so! So it would be better if the event is entertaining and offers them prizes, refreshments and treatments. Interact to get their opinions and, if possible, promote your salon to attract new customers as well. It always works!! Profiting from word of mouth is a great advantage for them to attract customers.

#7. Don’t give up after the appointments

Don't give up after the appointments

This is the most important point and many salons often lack it. When the salon’s clients are done with the services, the employee usually forgets to do follow-ups and even keeps in touch with them. It is true that when the services are satisfied, clients will return to the salon again and again. But it is also very important to remind them and keep in touch to invite them again. Do not forget that!

#8th. Remember – first impressions matter

Remember - first impressions matter

When the client visits your salon for the first time, it is important to give them the best impression. We all know “first impressions are last”, so go for it!

It doesn’t matter if you have interacted with clients on social media, website or face to face, give them a positive vibe when they visit your salon. I have noted the main points that need your definite attention, check them out below:

  • The salon website must be attractive and user-friendly
  • Company profiles on all social media channels should be up-to-date and attractive.
  • Greet your customers warmly every time
  • Salon decor should reflect your niche
  • Pay attention to hygiene, order and cleanliness
  • Salon staff should be competent and professional


I rest my case!

Of course, your salon business will grow and is guaranteed to be profitable. However, it is important to take steps that will help keep salon clients for a long time. Yes, it is a common tendency that customers only come to visit if they receive good service and are treated well. Therefore, follow the above strategies to turn every customer into a repeat customer.

Do you follow other tips to improve customer retention rates? What salon software do you use? Is it beneficial for your business? Share your opinion!.


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