Exactly How to Camouflage Under-Eye Bags With Makeup


You could have a fully styled makeup look with perfect contouring and sharp eyeliner, but when your bags pop, they will draw attention away from the rest of your look. Bags under your eyes are notoriously difficult to cover up, but we have some tips and tricks from professional makeup artists that will help you get a handle on them. Of course, makeup can help disguise puffiness and darkness under your eyes, but if it’s a chronic problem, there are a few steps you should try to eliminate bags under your eyes.

Famed makeup artist Sooyon Elina Kim says, “The best thing you can do is drink plenty of water and get enough sleep,” which is easier said than done. “Makeup can only do so much, so let’s prep the eye area for depuffing with a cool compressor” and incorporate eye area serums into your daily routine. If you still have noticeable bags under your eyes after trying these tricks, here’s how to cover them up.

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Don’t forget to apply an eye cream the night before

Celebrity makeup artist Judi Gabbay knows that “baggy eyes can bring out the best in us, even with eight hours of sleep and your morning cup of coffee.” One of her top tips for lifting and brightening the eye area is to apply eye cream the night before You want to wear makeup. Her favorite is Charlotte Tilbury Cryo-Recovery Eye Serum ($68). “This provides a hydrated eye area that doesn’t wrinkle and offers blendable coverage.”

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Use the color corrector before the concealer

Lots of people just rub some concealer under their eyes and hope it works, but experts say a color corrector is the key to flawless under-eyes. Using a color corrector before concealer can “create an illusion of lighter eyes and help cancel out the darkness, if any,” explains Kim.


Famed makeup artist Ehlie Luna adds that a color corrector should also be used to “treat the crease that tends to live around the swelling and cause a dark discoloration.” Hoff suggests using Charlotte Tilbury’s Magic Vanish Color Corrector ($32).

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Choose the right shade of color corrector

Color correction is all about choosing the right shade for your skin. “Orange for deep skin, peach for medium, and salmon for lighter skin is a good general rule of thumb,” says Luna. “If the discoloration is more purple, try opting for yellow tones to correct it.”

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Avoid using light-colored concealer

While a lightening concealer might seem like a good idea to counteract the dullness in your eye area, experts warn against it. “I would avoid using a concealer that’s too lightening as it can accentuate the puffiness/tears,” says Luna. “Instead, opt to match skin tone first, using as little product as necessary, and then go a shade or two lighter if you want a little extra lift.”

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Use a concealer with a moisturizing formula

Once you’ve applied a moisturizer, oil, and color corrector, you’re ready to apply your concealer. Sewell recommends using a product with a moisturizing formula that offers medium coverage. Proven options: NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer ($30) and Dior Forever Skin Correct ($36). Hoff likes to mix an Hourglass Concealer ($16-$36) with a Two-Faced Concealer “to get enough coverage to disguise dark bags.”

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Don’t use too much concealer on the actual eye bags

“My number one tip for covering up bags under your eyes is to use as little makeup as possible on the actual bag,” says celebrity makeup artist Courtney Hart. “Concealer sometimes makes the puffiness even more prominent. The trick is to color correct the shadow that the bag casts.” She explains that light makes things happen. So if you only apply a highlighting concealer in the shadows, it will help reduce the appearance of bags and even out puffiness. Her favorite concealer for this trick is NARS Creamy Concealer ($31). “It’s a beautiful formula and has an amazing color palette!”

Similarly, Gabbay suggests applying concealer only to the inner and outer thirds of the eye area. She prefers Tarte Shape Tape Concealer ($30). “Wait a few seconds before blending with your beauty sponge for coverage.”

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Pat out your eye area

Don’t skip this step to ensure a seamless look. Luna says you need to “pat out the eye area if wrinkles appear.”

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Fix your makeup under the eyes

After all your hard work, you want to adjust your beautiful creation so that it doesn’t shift. Gabbay recommends setting your makeup under the eyes with a finely ground powder to give the powder extra hold. Luna suggests using a smudging powder to achieve “longevity and a smooth finish.” ONE/SIZE by Patrick Starr Ultimate Blurring Setting Powder ($30) comes in two shades to set the eye area without caking.

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