Everything You Need To Do Your Nails At Home


Everyone seems to be opting for DIY beauty these days, so why not make our nails at home one of them? Whether you don’t have time to go to the salon or you just want to keep an eye on your beauty budget, learning how to do your nails at home is worth it.

The possibilities are endless, from press-on nails to gel manicures to nail art. And to be honest, it’s really not that difficult once you’ve mastered it. A little practice, patience, and the right nail tools will get you a long way.


So dears, read on because Barbie’s Beauty Bits will tell you everything you need to do your nails at home with the help of MelodySusie!

How to prep your nails for your mani at home, Barbie's Beauty Bits

Here’s how to prep your nails for your mani at home
Regardless of the type of nail you want to create, if you don’t prepare, you won’t be happy with the result.


Remove old nail polish: Preparing your nails is the first step in any manicure. Start by removing old nail polish, natural oils and a good nail clean with some pure acetone.

  • Push back your cuticles: Dip your nails in warm water to soften the area, then gently push back your cuticles with a cuticle pusher. (Avoid using cuticle nippers or cuticle removers as you may injure yourself. Save these for the professionals).
  • Trim your nails: Trim your natural nails to an appropriate length. Not too short and not too long.
  • File your nails: File your nails so that they are even and have no snags.
  • Polish Your Nails: When applying nails, you’ll want to use a nail buffer on each nail bed to give your acrylic tips, press-on nails, etc. some grip.

Now that your nails are prepared, you need to decide on the type of nails, nail art, etc. And don’t worry, MelodySusie is here to help you with all things nails. You are my go-to for nails!

Press-on nails, the must-try nail trend
As artificial nails, press-on nails are the superstar of the nail industry. Not only are they fashionable and beautiful, but press-on nails also won’t damage your real fingernails like gel nail polish or acrylic nails when they come off.


Press-on nails are very easy to install. They also come in so many shapes, lengths and nail designs that there’s bound to be a nail set (or sets) to suit your needs!

Who Buys Press On Nails?
All! Thanks to the rise of intricate nail art and “nailfluencers” on Instagram! Pressure nail brands are growing in popularity. They’re not just found in drugstores; everyone is looking for them.

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Google searches for press-on nails increased by 40%, while Google searches for nail stickers increased by 55.3%.


The look of press-on nails has changed as opposed to the nails worn years ago which were hard and kept chipping. Today’s press-on nails are thinner, more flexible and more comfortable to wear. From simple French manicures to animal prints, solid hues to funky, these designs are “more in the moment.”

Best Press On Nails, Barbies Beauty Bits

Popular Press On Nails this summer
Let’s see which press-on nails are chic and popular this summer 2022.


French manicure press-on nails
A traditional French manicure defined by the white nail polish on the nail tip exudes sophistication and chic. No wonder French manicures are timeless!

Rainbow Manicure Press-On Nails
Somewhere over the rainbow… If a single color seems dull and boring on your nails, why not try the rainbow manicure? Make your nails stand out by painting them with different bright colors, transparent textures and even glitter stars on nails.

Party manicure press nails
Time to get a little wild with some party animal press-nails. This is one of my favorites; You are so funny. As you can see, three solid black nails and the animal pattern and pearls make your nails so unique and wild.

Melodysusie Press on Nails Review, Barbies Beauty Bits

Shiny manicure press-on nails
What the heck is a shiny manicure? You can see different colors in this manicure through different angles and lights.

Crystal Manicure Press-on Nails
You will love this nail style if you don’t like too many colors or want the simplest look. With its translucent pink base, the nail looks natural with no flashy colors, adding the beauty of simplicity.

Show your piggies some love
Pedis will never be the same! Take your pedicure to the next level with a press on pedicure!

What the hell? I know I thought the same thing when I heard about it. I don’t particularly like people touching my feet so the option for a press on pedicure was a saving grace, especially for these last minute events.

As you can see, print nails are quick and easy and come in a variety of patterns, artwork, shapes and color options. You can mix and match sets to change your look and match your style.

How to decorate your nails at home Barbie's Beauty Bits
Decorate your nails at home with some nail art
Get the chicest fingertips with rhinestones and decals; For those who have an artistic touch, you can paint some creative designs on your nails.

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You’ll need a few nail tools and supplies, and I’ll share them with you to make it easy for you.

Nail rhinestones, glitter and decals, oh my!
Melodysusie offers high quality nail rhinestones and stickers for every occasion. Whether you’re adding a stone, glitter sets, or applying a simple nail art sticker, there’s something for everyone.

Nail Art Liner Brush
MelodySusie has a nailliner pen set that comes in three different sizes: ideal for drawing, dotting, painting, creating intricate flowers and other small nail arts.

The best gel polish for nails at home, Barbies Beauty Bits

The best gel polish for nails at home
MelodySusie gel nail polish is high quality and suitable for those who want a gel manicure at home. There is a whole set that I like that comes with 24 colors of gel. The gel polish colors are made from non-toxic ingredients, which makes them safe for nails and low odor.

The gel lasts a long time, hardly chips and I click around on the computer all day. Applying gel polish is easy. However, it needs to be cured under an LED nail lamp for about 90-120 seconds.

Nail Art Lamp
Use a professional nail lamp to harden your gel nails as they do not dry on their own. I recommend choosing a UV nail lamp like this MelodySusie 2-in-1 UV Nail Lamp if you want the best possible curing effect.

This nail lamp with LED lighting makes the gel manicure process at home much easier, especially for beginners because it is more flexible and can hold nails to dry.

It also has a fast 60-second cure with high power, low heat and no damage, so your gel nails dry quickly and efficiently.

The best home UV nail light, Barbie's Beauty Bits

summarize something
Now that you’re a mani queen at home, seal your cuticles with the most sophisticated cuticle oil – the product should be a part of every woman’s beauty arsenal.

Cuticle Oil not only promotes overall nail health, growth and longevity, but also enhances nail polish, gel and manicure!
As you can see, getting Insta-worthy nails at home isn’t impossible; It’s actually pretty darn easy to figure out how to do your own nails. With a little practice, patience, and the right nail tools, you’ll be looking NAILtastic in no time!


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