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One of the hardest things about adapting to the Covid crisis is that we can’t go to all our favorite places as freely as we used to. One place I really miss is the spa for me. As part of my “self-care” routine, I’ve always enjoyed having a spa day about every few months. It feels luxurious, it gives me the opportunity to check out and recharge my batteries, and I always go home pampered and re-energized. Unfortunately, many people these days just don’t feel comfortable sitting in a facial room for an hour without a mask.

With that said, who wants to miss out on a spa day? Don’t despair. Just because we can’t go to the spa doesn’t mean we can’t create a home sfather ourselves. Let’s look at some ways we can treat ourselves to a luxurious spa experience in the comfort and safety of our own homes.


Start scheduling:

One of the most luxurious elements of a spa day is the alone time we get to experience. So pick a day or night when you know your spouse and children will be out of the house. Block your schedule, turn off your phone, close the blinds and make yourself unreachable. you will have soon a spa day at home.

Coordinate your wellness offerings:

I love booking my spa appointment, going through the range of services and choosing how I want to be pampered for the day. We can still do that. Start planning your services in advance. Prepare the areas of your home that you will be using by using yours spa essentials and spa kit ready. And don’t forget to set up your relaxation area. Here is a step by step Checklist for the spa day at home you can follow:


The Home Spa setup

  1. a month out – At each spa service, your skincare professional will often provide nutritional and supplement recommendations. The home spaExperience should be no exception. Dietary supplements are a great way to optimize the results of your spa experience. We recommend starting a skin supplement like skin completely at least a month before yours hometownspa day This combination of skin Vitamin A and skin antioxidant will increase skin cell turnover and erase old skin cells while creating new cells that are brighter, healthier and more resistant to free radical damage. You will love the results and your at home spa day will be the perfect reveal of the work this supplement has done. learn more aboutskin completely by jane iredale here.
  2. Make sure you relax – If possible, carry out the necessary house cleaning the evening before. Decorate the house as if a special guest is coming. That guest is you! The morning of yours hometownSpa day you can say goodbye to the family where you sent them, but no work is allowed after that. Turn on spa music. Pandora and Apple Radio have great stations. Light scented candles in every room so you can smell them everywhere. In particular, put something around the bathtub.
  3. Prepare your spa drinks and snacks – Mix freshly cut cucumbers, citrus slices and spring water in a pitcher with ice and have it at home 30 minutes before the start of your spa appointment. Get out your best crystal glass and place it by the pitcher. Make yourself a healthy salad, put it in your best china bowl and let it wait in your fridge.
  4. Start the day with an aromatherapy bath – Run your favorite bubble bath and add some oatmeal, baking soda, coconut oil and any essential oils you wish to add. I love adding chamomile and ylang ylang. Soak in your bathtub for a good 30 minutes or until the water cools. Have a fresh, fluffy towel ready to dry off.
  5. Put on your softest piece of clothing – Whether it’s a bathrobe and slippers or your favorite t-shirt and sweatshirts, make sure you’re comfortable.
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The Home Spa Facial

Now the spa experience can begin at home!Build your spa kit with Jane Iredale and youCheck out our helpAt home spa day checklist to get started.

  1. beginning remove peeling and make-upRemove your makeup to start with a fresh face.That magic glove by jane iredale is a knitted microfiber cloth glove that fits over your hand and easily cleanses your face, removing makeup, oil and dirt with just water. The microfibers mimic the action of emulsification, leaving your skin super clean while gently exfoliating. Fill a bowl with warm water and submerge the Magic Mitt.
  2. Clean with BeautyPrep Cleanser – That BeautyPrep Cleanser is a soothing micellar water that gently cleanses the skin without disturbing the pH level or drying it out. Wring out your Magic Mitt and sprinkle a few drops of Beauty Prep Cleanser on it before cleaning in small circles.
  3. Refresh with BeautyPrep TonerBeautyPrep Toner is a delicious elixir with fruits and vegetables that refreshes and normalizes the skin to prepare it for treatment and hydration. Soak a cotton pad in the toner and gently sweep all over your face. Soak two more, set aside and cover with ice.
  4. Revitalize with your hyaluron serumBeautyPrep Hyaluronic Serum is a skin-soaking treatment that absorbs quickly into the skin, leaving a silky, hydrated feeling that lasts for hours. Put a pump into your hands and gently massage into your face.
  5. Hydrate with BeautyPrep MoisturizerBeautyPrep Moisturizer is a soothing lemongrass aromatherapy moisturizer that deeply hydrates with a variety of rose essential oils and extracts. It offers wonderfully light and powerful skin-friendly nutrients.
  6. Don’t forget the body– Always finish your at-home facial with a little attention to your hands, arms, legs and feet. HandDrink hand cream is an excellent way to maintain these parts. Rich in emollients and enriched with refreshing Lemongrass, HandDrink is the perfect finishing touch to your spa service, protecting your skin with one Broadband SPF 15 before you go outside.
  7. Break – After your facial is complete and your skin is hydrated, go to your relaxation area and bring your cotton pads soaked with BeautyPrep Toner. Sit back in a comfortable chair or lounge and apply the cotton pads to your eyes. Listen to music, relax for at least 30 minutes, and then enjoy your fresh salad and infused water. I recommend having a small piece of dark chocolate to finish off your meal!

The Home Spa Makeup Application

Now that you’ve finished your luxurious spa treatments, you want to treat yourself to a natural-looking makeup application. No need for anything dramatic, just a fresh complexion with SPF and soft color.

  1. Prepare your complexion with Smooth AffairSmooth Affair primer and brightener for the face is a moisturizing primer that brightens the skin, smoothes the texture and increases the longevity of makeup. Made with citrus extracts and botanicals, it’s the perfect undergarment for your luxury foundation.
  2. Dust on PurePressed BasePure Pressed Base Mineral Foundation is the perfect after-facial product with its 4-in-1 function of foundation, skin care, concealer and SPF. It goes on so easily and lasts for hours without ever looking heavy or cakey. It is best to apply at the same time The handi brush.
  3. Spray with POMMISSTPOMMISST Hydration Spray is one of our most popular spritzers. It fixes makeup and provides powerful antioxidant protection while infusing skin with refreshing moisture. It also smells like a dream!
  4. Create your glow with Peaches & CreamBronzer with peaches and cream is a luminous face finish with four different colors that harmonize with a variety of skin tones. Blend around the outer contours of the face with the Chisel Powder Brush for a gorgeous glow.
  5. Take care of your eyelashesPureLash Eyelash Extensions & Conditioner is a powerful lash product that can be used alone or under mascara for added length. Enriched with Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein, strengthens the eyelashes and cares for them with panthenol and carnuba wax. A really good feature of this product is that it contains no petroleum, so the lashes never become brittle.
  6. Finish off with a lip drinkLipDrink lip balm is a luxurious lip treatment that provides your lips with moisturizing essential oils and offers a broad spectrum SPF 15. It comes in 7 different shades, including a colorless version called Sheer. This treatment soothes dry, chapped lips and helps exfoliate dry skin. People love the way it smells!

The perfect home spa day

It is entirely possible to spend a wellness day in the comfort of your own home. Take some time to prepare hometownSpa for yourself and let us know how you liked it. We hope to see you back in all your favorite places soon, but until then, enjoy the relaxation at home.


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