What is Blog Commenting?


Webmasters first started using blogs as convenient platforms for updating their readers covering one or more topics. People still use blogs for this purpose today but many other people find blogging to be a very powerful marketing tool. With so many blog creation tools and platforms available for free usage, it is simpler than ever to create your own business website or a capture page if you want to promote a product or service brought by you or an affiliate. Unlike static websites, blogs allow your visitors to interact by posting comments. This is known as blog commenting and it works both ways so you can use a blog that you do not even own to promote your website or cause. The key to using this technique is to draw a fine line between blog commenting and spamming. Knowing some posting guidelines can help you understand what proper blog commenting is all about.A good way to get a glimpse of proper blog commenting is to find any popular personal blog and check out the comments of an old post. You should be able to find old posts by scrolling down the blog or going to another page. Depending on the topic, you might see some comments by people with clickable links. These are people that are actually registered to the blog or logged in through a linked account like Facebook or Google Account. You will most likely take their opinions more seriously than the ones that simply comment as guests. Although some guest comments can be meaningful to the discussion, irrelevant replies are more likely to be posted by guests because it is very easy to comment on a post and you can be completely anonymous.Search engines take backlinks into consideration when ranking a site even if the backlink is found on a blog comment. Some visitors take advantage by making a short comment and adding a link back to the site simply because it is a fast and easy way to get a backlink. These people have to post links in as many sites as possible in order to increase their site ranking so it makes sense to comment the fastest way possible and move on to another blog or blog entry.The problem is, these anonymous acts lean more towards spamming than blog commenting. Many blog authors occasionally delete spam which defeats the entire point of building backlinks. Therefore, you are better off creating a profile to the blog you wish to comment in and make sure all of your details are filled up. It also helps to add a picture even if it isn’t a picture of you. Once your profile is ready, you can add a link to your site on a comment as long as your blog comment has some meaningful content that is related to the blog entry.Source: Free Articles from ArticlesFactory.com

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