How to Boost Traffic to an Internet Marketing Blog


If you have internet marketing blog than it is likely you also have a need for traffic and lots of it. Marketing on the internet using a blog platform offers you many options as to how you are going to generate traffic. The quality of the content you post is a very important factor towards determining the eventual success of the site. However for success to be yours you must first initiate the flow of blog traffic that will eventually produce the returning visitors you want and need. Here is a look at 5 techniques you can use to increase your online presence and start the flow of blog traffic your site needs to succeed. Social Bookmarking SitesEvery time you post a new entry to your blog you should also take the page and share it on some of the most popular bookmarking sites online. These sites are a haven for new and interesting content and are therefore a perfect way for you to ‘announce’ a new post to your blog.Article SubmissionsWriting articles and submitting then to directories is one of the most effective ways to circulate any information you may want all across the internet. Depending on the quality of your article it may be in circulation for an extended period of time. By adding a link back to your blog in the article resource box you are inviting ‘countless’ readers to come and visit your site.TwitterThis micro blogging social network site is one of the most popular online today and is so easy to use. Simply sign up for a free account get involved with the discussions and place a link back to your blog in your profile. Every time you post a new entry ‘tweet’ it on this site and watch what happens.Press Release CampaignWhen your blog has a respectable amount of content already posted to it you can initiate a press release campaign. Done correctly you can expect a nice ‘explosion’ of blog traffic to your site using this strategy.Signature FilePlace a link to your blog in your signature file. You can use this file every time you send out emails, auto-responder messages or when commenting at any forums or other blogs you may visit. Consider this to be your online ‘business card’ and learn to use it liberally. An internet marketing blog can be a very effective platform for promoting anything online but it requires plenty of exposure to help it grow and succeed. A blog platform depends on many visitors to ‘spread the word’ around the community about the site which in turn will help it grow. But initiating the flow of blog traffic is the first step towards establishing a loyal following. The 5 techniques we discussed here are ways in which you can increase your exposure and create a burst of traffic to your site. After that the quality of your blog will be the determining factor as to what degree of success you have marketing on the internet.
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